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Athletes contribute their player tracking data (PTD) and athlete biometric data (ABD) so leagues, teams, and others can use it in broadcast games, mobile apps, virtual reality, fantasy sports, betting and more. Who owns this data, how may it be used, and who is compensated for the use of PTD and ABD in new revenue streams?

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Monitoring athletes and using biometrics as a commodity is an economic purpose that raises legal and ethical issues. What can you do to protect your privacy and publicity rights? Are you being fairly compensated for the use of your data as new revenue streams emerge?

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New data types are collected from athletes using new wearable technologies. Soon, injectables and implantables may also collect athlete data. This data will be combined with video and other data points to create new data sets. Each data categoryis treated differently under the law. Plus, the current regulatory framework in the U.S. does not fully address the unique character of this data and its corresponding privacy and publicity rights. What solutions should be considered to ensure data is lawfully used?

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Imagine playing your favorite sport with your favorite team in your backyard. Soon you can with emerging virtual and augmented reality technologies. The most authentic VR and AR experiences will be based on player data collected from elite athletes. What should data users and content creators know about data rights to mitigate risk and receive a return on their investment?

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Athletes are most at risk for losing out on rights and revenue. Athletes and their agents need to know about athlete rights in data and how to protect them. Athletes and their agents can protect privacy rights, property rights and revenue by ensuring contracts include terms from an Athlete Bill of Rights.

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